Why choose Skyllermarks skates?

Why should you choose Skyllermarks skates?

It´s simple. They are the most fun to skate with and will last the longest. A short summary of advantages is:

1. Our unique multi-zone curve offers good glide combined with a maneuverable skate, allowing you to develop an efficient skating technique, turn, and enjoy your skates.

2. Rounded nose and tail of the blade saves you from getting the toe of your skate stuck in the ice. You are also safe from getting the skate caught in trouser legs and injuring your friends around you. This also allows to skate backwards without the skate getting stuck.

3. The width of the blade, 1.4 mm, is perfect for skating natural ice.

4. Binding placement is adjustable lengthwise with set fixing points and can be adjusted side to side seamlessly (not on Orange models).

5. The blade is both pressed and riveted to the base, it will never come loose or wiggle. A skate with a loose blade is unusable. Imagine a bicycle with loose and uneven wheels.

6. Good ice clearance. The mounting of the blade is high to minimize the risk of your skate getting caught in cracks or uneven ice.