About Nordic skates

Nordic skates are optimized for both short and long tours of natural ice and is enjoyed in all Nordic countries, both as leisure and exercise. They originate in the need of traversing great frozen lakes in wintertime and have evolved through the years to one of the best ways to spend your winter outdoors.

There are a few different brands on the market which look quite similar at first glance, but they differ in a few critical areas.

When skating you of course want to come up to speed easily, and you would not want your skate getting caught in the ice, making you fall. You certainly don´t want your blade to come loose in the middle of a tour. Even though you might think so, these are not guarantees when buying any skate. We have developed skates which will last, and guarantee you these qualities.

Beyond fulfilling these basic demands, a skate must also give you an enjoyable experience on the ice. If you compare alpine skiing now with what it was 30 years ago, you will find the slalom skis of today allowing you to carve sharply and cleanly. An amazing experience. The same goes for our modern skates. On old Nordic skates, you can barley turn. Now, we have developed models allowing control and sharp turns, as well as greater top speeds!

How is it possible to achieve a fast skate with both control and a nice feel?

It is a question we at Skyllermarks have taken to our hearts. All developers are experienced Nordic ice skaters. We have skated ices all over Sweden and listened to feedback from our many friends, what technical solutions they prefer and the pros and cons of each approach. All this knowledge has been combined to making our Nordic skates perfect for skating the Swedish lakes and seas.

All parameters contribute to make the perfect skate. The length and weight of the skate and the width and radius of the blade being the most important. Where on the skate you place your foot is also vital.

All parts, except the bindings, are produced in Sweden. We produce the parts, sharpen the blades and then assemble the skates in Skarpnäck, just outside Stockholm. Where we have close access to many lakes for testing our products. Every pair of skates we produce is hand crafted by us at Skyllermarks in Sweden!